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Overview and Indications

Microlaminectomy is performed for patients with symptomatic, painful lumbar spinal stenosis. It is performed to remove the large, arthritic bone spurs that are compressing the spinal nerves. Our experts perform a microscopic surgical approach using a small, poke-hole incision with minimal dissection to accomplish a lumbar decompression of three spinal levels or less. This minimally invasive approach allows for a more rapid recovery and may provide an improved long-term outcome because there is less muscle and tissue damage.

Postoperative Care

Most patients are usually able to go home one to two days after surgery. Before patients go home, physical therapists and occupational therapists work with patients and instruct them on proper techniques of getting in and out of bed and walking independently. Patients are instructed to avoid bending at the waist, lifting more than five pounds and twisting in the early postoperative period (first two to four weeks) to avoid a strain injury. Patients can gradually begin to bend, twist and lift after one to two weeks as the pain subsides and the back muscles get stronger.


Patients are generally not required or recommended to wear a back brace after surgery. Patients may be issued a small, soft lumbar corset that can provide additional lumbar support in the early postoperative period, if necessary.

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